June 19, 2012

New Business Cards!!

My business cards are finally complete! I went with the 17pt recycled cardstock, and got them printed through JukeBoxPrint.com, which is a great printing site. It has a wide variety of printing options (rounded corners, embossing, foil edges etc) and paper stocks, with good prices AND it’s Canadian, so shipping was very quick and cheap for me.
I actually did the pink edge painting myself, as JukeBoxPrint only offers foil edges, and other sites are kinda pricey. I did some digging online and didn’t find that much on how to do edge painting because apparently its a printing secret, but what I did find were three options to try, a brayer, a sponge brush, and airbrush. Lucky for me, my dad has an airbrush. The airbrush was easy to use, providing a nice even coat of colour without any bleeding through the paper, and by the end of the first batch of cards, I would just use my hand to hold the cards in place, as it took half the time of dealing with winding and unwinding clamps. I guess the only setback is: there’s more to setup and cleanup (if your cleaning the airbrush after every use), as opposed to a brayer or brush, which I did try. Both of these worked ok, but I had to be way more careful to not overpaint, as bleeding would easily occur.

Anyways, I have to say, it was a fun little DIY project, and I’m quite happy with the results.
Here are some resources I found for DIY Edge Painting: 
Oh Beautiful Paper
Wedding Bee
Wedding Bee

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